Hotfix Application

The Swarovski product assortment includes a wide range of Hotfix products. These can be applied simply, quickly and securely. Hotfix technology is ideal for application in the fields of textile, interior décor and accessories.

Which Products are Suitable for Hotfix Application?

• Flat Backs Hotfix
• Transfers
• Synthetics
• Crystal Mesh

How to Use Swarovski Hotfix Crystals
What are the basic Hotfix principles?

All Swarovski Hotfix crystals have a coating of hot-melt glue on the back, which is activated by heat (applied either directly or indirectly via ultrasound). The Hotfix crystals are therefore quick and easy to fix onto the carrier material, whether that is metal, fabric, wood or other suitable material. Depending on the material the crystal is being applied to, the temperature, application time and pressure can be varied.
When cooling, the glue hardens and securely and permanently fixes the elements in place. The Swarovski Hotfix adhesive is characterized by its wash resistance and easy-care properties.

How to Apply Hotfix Rhinestones

Swarovski Hotfix rhinestones have a crystal face on one side and a flat surface coated with heat sensitive glue on the other.
• To apply rhinestones to a fabric you will first need to flatten out your fabric onto a flat, stable surface
• Make sure your tool is the same size as the rhinestone and start heating it up
• Affix your rhinestone to the tool and place it onto the fabric
• Press it into place for a few seconds until the glue has melted and the rhinestone is firmly attached

Find out how to apply Swarovski Hotfix crystals by following our complete application process, summarized below:
1. Material Check: The first stage (pre-preparation) is to check the carrier material against specific criteria.
2. Preparation: Consider the key parameters when carrying out Hotfix application of Swarovski products, depending on the consistency of the base material – temperature, pressure, application time and application side.
3. Application: All Swarovski products mentioned in the Application Manual overview can be applied using the methods itemized below:

• Application using a heat press (A heat press is the ideal tool for applying Hotfix products as it can be used to apply even, adjustable pressure)
• Application using a continuous fusing press
• Application using an ultrasonic device
• Application using a stone setting machine
• Application using an applicator
• Application using an iron

4. Finishing: Hot-melt adhesive generally requires 24 hours to cure completely. Any washing or quality assurance should take place after this period.